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Jeremy Marre

Director, Writer and Producer Jeremy Marre has made a wide variety of television films that have won major international awards, including an Emmy, the Cannes Documentary Film Festival, the UNESCO Award, the Golden Eagle, Golden Harp, Montreux TV Festival and a Grammy nomination.

COUNT BASIE, THROUGH HIS OWN EYES. 75 minute biography that reveals the private world of the great bandleader, using Count Basie’s home - movies, letters and photo albums, all never previously revealed. For Eagle-Rock and BBC TV.

BACK TO BLACK. 60 minute Classic Album film about the making of the Amy Winehouse award-winning album. For BBC4 and Eagle-Rock.

COSMIC DANCER. A one hour musical biography of Marc Bolan, the Mod King who pioneered Glam Rock before meeting a premature death. For BBC4 TV.

ONE OF THE LONELY ONES. A 60 minute biography of Roy Orbison, for BBC 4 – their highest rated music documentary in 2017.

THE HEART OF COUNTRY a 90 minute film that leads off the BBC4 Country Music season. An ‘inside’ history of Music City featuring many of its top stars, from Dolly Parton to Willie Nelson.

KEY TO THE HIGHWAY, the remarkable story of Blues legend Big Bill Broonzy. One hour, for BBC TV. With Keith Richards, Ray Davies, Pete Seeger

VOICE OF AFRICA. A one hour biography of the great Senegalese singer/politician, Youssou N’Dour. For BBC 4 TV

SOUL AMBASSADOR – THE OTIS REDDING STORY for BBC TV. The first TV biography of Otis and the untold story surrounding his trip to the UK. Including his close family and the many great musicians who heard him

PATH OF PEARLS. A one hour live musical extravaganza, with international cast and musicians, shot multi-camera in the Gulf.

CARLOS SANTANA: ANGELS AND DEMONS 75 minutes. An intimate and very candid biography of the legendary guitarist/composer. BBC4 TV.

The celebratory 90 minute REGGAE BRITANNIA for BBC4. Telling the story of how Reggae developed in the UK, it was accompanied by a live stage show at The Barbican theatre. Winner of the UNESCO Award/Jamaica Film Festival

Jeremy series-produced for BBC4 the major BBC/WGBH four hour series LATIN MUSIC USA, an epic story of Latin migrations told through music: from the Mambo Kings to Salsa to Latin Pop and featuring many top artists. Jeremy also directed the episode on SALSA.

Jeremy series-produced and directed SOUL BRITANNIA, a three hour music series for BBC TV, featuring artists like Van Morrison, Tom Jones and Elton John.

He produced/directed REIGNING IN HELL, a one hour investigation into America's most feared prison gang, for Channel 4 and Court TV (USA).

PHIL SPECTOR’S DEMONS, Jeremy’s one hour psychological biography of the reclusive producer, was first shown on Channel 4

At the same time, Jeremy completed a one hour film with JAY-Z about his early life as a street dealer and rapper: REASONABLE DOUBT, for Classic Albums on BBC2, VH1 and as a DVD.

For BBC 2 and PBS American Masters, he recently produced and directed WHAT’S GOING ON? an intimate one hour biography of Marvin Gaye; described by The Times as “the music film all others should be judged by”.

Jeremy recently completed SOUL SURVIVOR - THE JAMES BROWN STORY, a 90 min. biography for Channel 4, PBS ‘American Masters’ and Universal DVD, which shared a series Emmy

In 2004 Jeremy also directed 2 onehour episodes of the Channel 4/Endemol series THE VOICE (featuring artists from Pavarotti to Bono to Brian Wilson), which explores the human voice and its greatest exponents.

Jeremy simultaneously completed the 60 minute MEMPHIS MAFIA biography of Elvis Presley through the eyes of his entourage, for BBC 1.

His Grammy Nominated (2003) 90 minute Bob Marley biography REBEL MUSIC for Channel 4 and PBS ‘American Masters’ also won the American Cine Golden Eagle.

Jeremy also directed the first part of the BAFTA nominated (2002) BBC series WALK ON BY which explored the music of early immigrants to the U.S. This won the major music documentary award at the 2002 Montreux Film Festival.

Jeremy wrote the screenplay for the feature film LADYBOYS, commissioned by Scala Films. A crime movie based on Jeremy’s awardwinning documentary LADYBOYS, shown on Channel 4 and around the world, which opened the San Francisco Festival.

Jeremy recently completed the Classic Albums film and DVD ELVIS PRESLEY for Isis Productions and the ITV network, featuring Sam Phillips, Keith Richards and others.

Jeremy wrote, directed and produced the award-winning 90 minute Special for HBO and Channel 4 called THE CAPEMAN, based on the infamous Broadway musical; and directed four other films in the Classic Albums series:

Paul Simon’s GRACELAND and on The Grateful Dead’s ANTHEM TO BEAUTY, both for BBC; Bob Marley’s CATCH A FIRE, and Phil Collins’ FACE VALUE for ITV. All released on DVD.

At the same time, he made the intimate music film BAJOUROU about musicians in Mali,for BBC2 and his one-hour Equinox BIOTERROR, for The Discovery Channel and Channel 4: a film that foresaw terrorist attacks on New York.

Jeremy produced and directed the major eight-hour Channel 4 series CHASING RAINBOWS, which was the story of British popular music; and the 3 part series NATURE OF MUSIC (Channel 4) about ritual and music around the world, from Bali to Brazil, and featuring Beyreuth Opera House's new Ring Cycle.

Jeremy also produced and directed the film FORBIDDEN IMAGE, about the Indian erotic arts, with an original score by Ravi Shankar, for ITV.

Jeremy’s major four hour Channel 4 series ON THE EDGE is about the importance of musical improvisation, and features unique performances from around the world.

It was preceded by BEATS OF THE HEART, a 14 hour, multi-awardwinning series on world music that was networked across the world as well as British television, accompanied by Jeremy’s book of the same name and 14 videos/DVDs. The films include Roots, Rock, Reggae and ‘Rhythm of Resistance’ on black music as resistance to apartheid in South Africa.

Jeremy produced and directed several BBC ‘Under The Sun’ films including ENEMIES OF SILENCE set in Mexico, SPIRITS OF DEFIANCE about mythical ‘cannibals’ in Zaire, and the LEFT-HANDED MAN OF MADAGASCAR which won the New York Film Festival Award. Jeremy was also a director on the part-dramatised NAUTILUS SERIES on deep sea exploration, for BBC 2.

Jeremy’s BBC Arena film GRATEFUL AND THE DEAD (about the Grateful Dead secretly funding British classical composers) won the US International Film Festival Award. Also, that year, the controversial Channel 4 Witness programme on DECEPTION.

With writer Gerald Durrell, he produced and directed the 12-part animal communication series OURSELVES AND OTHER ANIMALS (for Channel 4 and CBC).

Jeremy has also made several South Bank Shows for ITV, included the Golden Harp winner on SALSA MUSIC, and a profile of HERBERT VON KARAJAN. The 90 minute CLAUDIO ABBADO film was made for ITV/Granada International and the popular WEDDING DAY series for ITV. Also the three hour film series, WORLD LEADERS.

Jeremy made two acclaimed short cinema films on the Japanese martial arts, called WAY OF THE SWORD and SOUL OF THE SAMURAI.

Jeremy has developed, with the European Media Club, new approaches to interactive programming and gave workshops for the innovative Experience Music Project in Seattle, USA. He has run director courses for the National Film School and the Lux Video Artists Programme; has sat on the advisory boards for the National Sound Archive and the Arts Council; has broadcast widely on BBC radio, has written for The Times, The Sunday Telegraph, New York Post and Independent. Jeremy Marre was the subject of the weekly ‘Arts Feature’ of the New York Times following the publication of his book, and had Retrospectives of his films at the Florence Film Festival and Channel 4. In 2016 he was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Humanities Department of the University of Arizona.